Why would insurance deny weight loss surgery

By | September 15, 2020

why would insurance deny weight loss surgery

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At some point, after you have spent time exploring the option of weight-loss surgery, you will need to determine how to pay for the procedure. Please check with your health care plan to determine whether you meet their criteria. If you do not have insurance and are interested in participating in our self-pay, pre-payment program, please call for information. A growing number of states have passed legislation requiring insurance companies to provide benefits for weight-loss surgery for patients that meet the National Institutes of Health NIH surgical criteria. While insurance coverage for weight-loss surgery is widespread, it often requires a lengthy and complicated approval process.

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My insurance company turned down paying for bariatric surgery, what do I need to do so I can have the surgery? Humana pays for bariatric surgery but turned me down because I am bipolar, stating I am non compliant and have COPD, which I have never been told I have. Most of my medical issues would go away after weight loss surgery and greatly improve my quality of life. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with your insurance company. I know what a hassle they can be to work with. Here are some initial thoughts

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