What is the best medicine for chlamydia

By | April 18, 2020

what is the best medicine for chlamydia

Chlamydia can be easily cured with antibiotics. Persons with chlamydia should abstain from sexual activity for 7 days after single dose antibiotics or until completion of a 7-day course of antibiotics, to prevent spreading the infection to partners. It is important to take all of the medication prescribed to cure chlamydia. Medication for chlamydia should not be shared with anyone. Although medication will stop the infection, it will not repair any permanent damage done by the disease. Repeat infection with chlamydia is common.

Citation: The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol. Evidence from studies of genital infections shows little to no difference in side-effects with these treatments RR 1. Some people experience side effects during treatment, but these are usually mild. In pregnant women with genital chlamydial infection, the WHO STI guideline suggests using amoxicillin over erythromycin. Remarks: Azithromycin is the first choice of treatment but may not be available in some settings. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. Join Subscribe or Register Existing user? Doxycycline is the preferred choice for chlamydia treatment.

NCBI Bookshelf. Geneva: World Health Organization; The following nine recommendations apply to adults, adolescents 10—19 years of age, people living with HIV, and key populations, including sex workers, men who have sex with men MSM and transgender persons. Specific recommendations have also been developed for ophthalmia neonatorum caused by C. Remarks: While good practice based on evidence of large net benefit dictates that patients should be treated for chlamydial infection, the choice of treatment may depend on the convenience of dosage, the cost and quality of the medicines in different settings, and equity considerations.

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