This Outdoor Infrared Spa Is Your New Sanctuary In Brooklyn

By | March 10, 2019

If you’ve been itching for a spa getaway but can’t make a cross-country escape, there’s a little sanctuary in Brooklyn that will give you the respite from the New York madness without the need to travel. The Winter Spa at The William Vale, which opened earlier this winter, takes your infrared sauna experience to new heights, all with the Manhattan skyline within sight.

Named New York City’s first outdoor infrared sauna experience, the Winter Spa is located on the fourth floor of the William Vale Hotel, and created in partnership with HigherDOSE and Terra Glamping, it’s the peaceful getaway New Yorkers have been missing.

“Introducing The Winter Spa, a Scandinavian-inspired outdoor oasis set against a gorgeous backdrop of the city skyline, just opposite the iconic pool,” HigherDOSE announced. “Taking over the privately accessible 4th floor, The Winter Spa will bring together local residents, hotel guests, HigherDOSE celebrity/influencer fans and wellness enthusiasts at large to enjoy HigherDOSE spa services housed in heated glamping tents.”

outdoor infrared spa brooklyn

Image: @thewilliamvale

With six different glamping (glamorous camping) tents, that each include a built-in sauna and blankets, you can sit for an hour to achieve your maximum zen. Cosied up in the tents, especially in the chilly New York temps, will give you the hot-and-cold therapy that you can’t normally find in the city.

The Williamsburg-based hotel has plentiful Instagram opportunities, whether you’re in the sauna, lunging with blankets, or getting a facial, and gives you options to customize your experience depending on your wellness goals.

Amenities include luxe brands like Tata Harper, Brooklinen, Agent Nateur, Flow, and more, and your entire tent is decked out in the cosiest accessories to make for the ultimate spa experience.

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All housed in the iconic William Vale hotel — which means you can head to their signature pool shortly after your pampering — the spa is only available through the late winter, so book your package now.