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Cheesemaking monks’ prayers answered as online supporters clear stock

These monks are cheese wheeling and dealing. A ancient monastery of cheesemaking French monks left with nearly 3 tons of overstock because of COVID-19 lockdowns cleared its cupboards with some modern help. The Cîteaux Abbey, just south of Dijon in the heart of Burgundy, France, normally sells its raw-milk, semi-soft cheese wheels to restaurants and… Read More »

Chromatic aberration, highpass sharpening, stock background removal tool, and more added to the Ignite Pro VFX plugin bundle

London, UK (October 27, 2020) – Ignite Pro – FXhome’s studio bundle of over 190 essential post-production plugins and 377 presets is now even bigger with the release of Ignite Pro 5. The new release features powerful new effects like Chromatic Aberration, Highpass Sharpen, Remove Stock Background, and GoPro Lens Reframe. Ignite Pro is a… Read More »

What to stock up on for virus preparation

Australians have been urged not to start panic buying an unnecessary amount of items in response to the coronavirus outbreak, however there are a few main products you may need to start buying more of. Victorian Chief Health Officer, Dr Brett Sutton, said people don’t need to rush out and clear supermarket shelves but they… Read More »