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Coronavirus: Some people shielding allowed outdoors from Monday

Vulnerable people in England and Wales advised to stay home since the coronavirus lockdown began will be able to go outdoors again from Monday. The change means people will be able to go out with members of their household. Those living alone can meet with someone from another household while maintaining social distancing. Support for… Read More »

Study Provides Some Clarity On Use Of Masks For Coronavirus

A study, which was conducted before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, proved that surgical masks can help with preventing seasonal viruses, including coronaviruses, being transmitted from infected individuals. Making use of a breath-capturing device called the “Gesundheit II machine”, researchers revealed that the amounts of various airborne viruses coming from infected individuals were significantly reduced using… Read More »

Some schools give mental health days as suicide rate rises

States and school districts around the United States are approving legislation to allow students to take mental health days as young people struggle with anxiety and depression. Oregon and Utah allow absences for reasons related to mental health, and California, New York, and Florida currently have legislative proposals to give students mental health days, according… Read More »