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Do sleep aid pills work

I take sleeping pill once or twice a week. Coronavirus myths explored. I am not saying have your mom move in, but for the first nights, it is never a bad idea to have someone close by. But lucid dreams—extremely vivid reveries where the dreamer Published: August, Try these tips Sleep: The foundation for healthy… Read More »

What is a sleep study and why do I need it?

People with sleep disorders commonly present to their GP with snoring; not being able to go to sleep or to stay asleep during the night; feeling tired when they wake up in the morning no matter how much sleep they’re getting; and sleepiness during the day. It can also include some more subtle symptoms like… Read More »

Mediterranean Diet Can Help Ease Sleep Apnea Symptoms

According to research, choosing a Mediterranean diet in addition to physical activity could help to ease certain sleep apnea symptoms. The study examined the effect a Mediterranean diet could have on sleep apnea symptoms in obese individuals with sleep apnea, in comparison to individuals on a prudent diet plan.[1] Obstructive sleep apnea results in frequent… Read More »