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Early-stage trials for coronavirus vaccine developed in Singapore could start next month, says professor

Scientists in Singapore are developing a vaccine for the coronavirus, with hopes that early-stage clinical trials could come as soon as next month, according to a professor at Duke-NUS Medical School. Researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School are currently working on a vaccine which will be similar to the one that biotechnology firm Moderna is developing,… Read More »

Plan to get ahead of next virus curve

Australians in need of assistance with mental health conditions, including those resulting from financial or social stress during the COVID-19 crisis, are being urged to “please, please” seek help. The Federal Government today announced it had adopted the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan, put together by the head of the National Mental… Read More »

How IT will impact healthcare in the next decade

The landscape of healthcare entering the new decade is immeasurably different than it was in 2010. From an information technology perspective, electronic health records systems have become standard tools of the trade at almost all healthcare organizations. That’s a far cry from 2010, when a minority of hospitals and only a tiny fraction of physician… Read More »