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Making Keto Effective for Your Body

Every diet plan affects people differently depending on what body type the person has, and the keto diet is slowly becoming a household staple among dieticians and weight loss aficionados. Keto has shown to be consistently effective even though different people of varying body types have tried it. One of the best reasons it’s increasingly… Read More »

The Case for Keto

Dr. Mercola Interviews the Experts This article is part of a weekly series in which Dr. Mercola interviews various experts on a variety of health issues. To see more expert interviews, click here. Journalist Gary Taubes has written several books on diet, including “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” “The Diet Delusion,” “Why We Get Fat: And… Read More »

Is grits ok for keto diet

Thanks again for such flavorFUL and easy recipes, Urvashi!! Keto of all, you will only need a for common ingredients to whip it up grits less than 20 minutes. There are three things that most southern recipes have in common: they’re typically indulgent comfort foods, they absolutely delicious, and they’re high in carbs. Anthony Moceo… Read More »

What vegetables can you eat on keto diet?

If fast weight loss while consuming nearly unlimited amounts of fat sounds too good to be true, “think again,” keto diet devotees say. Followers of the trendy high-fat, low-carb meal plan swear it clears the brain while lowering the number on the scale. But the biggest question of all is how does eating keto diet… Read More »

Keto diet affect eyesight

There were times I would put them on to read captions on the television. I had never done that before. Since my glasses are only for reading, I never needed them to view numbers on digital clocks in the house. However, I noticed I was having difficulty reading numbers and had to put on my… Read More »