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People are getting reinfected with COVID-19. What that means for ‘herd immunity’ and vaccines

Article content continued “It very well might be very rare. But it very well might not be as rare as we think. We just need a better surveillance system for it.” From a public health perspective, “People who have had COVID-19 should behave and be treated as if they had not had the virus,” Pandori… Read More »

Researchers look to unlock secrets of COVID-19 herd immunity by studying Canada’s Hutterite colonies

Article content continued It’s a very, very giving culture The safety council chastised some members for visiting doctors without warning them they were sick, not observing social distancing and travelling outside their colony when it was not essential. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said Wednesday the province may impose restrictions on travel to and from the… Read More »

Where was anti fungal herd

Segregation and culling of known infected cows is recommended. Signs of Ringworm While most often found on the animal’s neck and head, ringworm can appear anywhere on the body. 5 to 10 days after treatment. 6 months before they first tested positive by culture. 001 g where was anti fungal herd, 10 g glucose, 15 g agar. Systematics:… Read More »