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Here’s What Happened to Roberto Solis From Netflix’s Heist

Netflix’s dramatized docuseries Heist begins with the two-part story of American fugitive Heather Tallchief and her pseudonymous partner Roberto Solis. On October 1, 1993, the pair took control of Loomis armored truck, which was transporting roughly $ 3.1 million in cash removed from several Las Vegas casino ATMs. The pair then flew to Denver and… Read More »

Watch What Happened When This Guy Worked Out Like Anime Hero ‘One Punch Man’ for 100 Days

A popular fitness challenge on YouTube involves recreating the rigorous training regime of hero Saitama from the anima series One Punch Man, who performs the same routine of exercises every single day, to the point that he has surpassed all of his physical limitations. A number of influencers have tried following the workout for a… Read More »