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Can You Safely Give Birth at Home?

The question of where and how to give birth is a relatively new one for women. Up until the early 20th century, fewer than 5% of women gave birth in a hospital. In the 1950s the birth of a baby, an event that had once been a family affair and attended by a midwife, became… Read More »

Scotland Bans Smacking of Children Under 16, Becomes First UK Nation to Give Same Protection From Assault as Adults

Scotland has banned parents from smacking their children by law. The practice which was earlier banned in the country has now become a law. With the development, the country has become the first part of the UK to outlaw physical punishment to those under 16 years of age. While parents and carers were earlier allowed… Read More »

Can a koala give you chlamydia

Chlamydia has infected nearly every koala population, threatening the safety of the entire species. Now, there may only be one place on Earth where koalas are safe from the disease: Kangaroo Island in Australia. While Northern Australia koalas have been hit hard by chlamydia, researchers thought that the two largest populations in Southern Australia—Kangaroo Island… Read More »

Some schools give mental health days as suicide rate rises

States and school districts around the United States are approving legislation to allow students to take mental health days as young people struggle with anxiety and depression. Oregon and Utah allow absences for reasons related to mental health, and California, New York, and Florida currently have legislative proposals to give students mental health days, according… Read More »

How often can i give dog tramadol

She only has 2 to 4 months left, my vet recommended Gabaentin for my 8. Give them one or two small balls how often can i give dog tramadol nothing in them — will tramadol cause irritability in dogs? Drinking and walking around, he was having trouble swallowing so saliva run out of his mouth… Read More »