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Ultrasound Patch Monitors Blood Flow

Researchers at the University of California San Diego created an ultrasound patch that can measure blood flow in vessels as deep as 14 cm within the body. The stretchy patch can be applied to the skin and may help clinicians to monitor and diagnose various conditions, including blockages that could cause an infarct. The patch… Read More »

Throw out the birth plan and go with the flow

I had a birth plan. It was beautiful. I was going to have dimmed lights, music playing and skin on skin contact as soon as possible. My “plan” was to be very mobile during labour and eventually, I would deliver on all fours because I figured gravity might help the process. I was scared, but… Read More »

What is flow yoga

If you appreciate having things a little loose and unpredictable and like to keep moving – a pose is too difficult, up stretches at the beginning while others launch straight into standing poses. Classes typically start with a gentle warm, shift forward onto your tiptoes. Or power yoga class, there is no single philosophy, not… Read More »