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How photography made me a better doctor

In my first year as an attending hospitalist, I personally discovered what Hippocrates realized millennia before, “Life is short and the art long.” Clinical reasoning is an intellectual labyrinth that can only be mastered with deliberate practice, introspection, and perseverance. However, I soon found that spending hours poring through manuscripts and cases was not only… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: D. Todd Detar, DO, Answers Questions about Osteopathic Medicine and His Role in the Community

D. Todd Detar, DO Q. What attracted you to medicine? A. While studying health education at the University of Delaware, a college sports injury ended my life’s dream of becoming an NFL player. One of my coaches saw an opportunity for me to work as a trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies, and over time, I… Read More »

Keto cheeseburger soup diet doctor

Cheeseburger Tex-Mex burger plate. Is the cup of cheddar added to the instant pot keto intended to put on top after cooking? Keto Asian cabbage stir-fry. A chicken soup diet from scratch AND in under soup minutes? The information we provide at Doctor. Bacon-wrapped keto cheezeburger. Traditionally cheeseburgers have American cheese on them not cheddar.… Read More »

Infected doctor worked at three clinics

A doctor who worked at three medical clinics while potentially infectious with coronavirus is in isolation. The Victorian health department announced on Saturday the GP was one of eight of the latest COVID-19 cases. The male GP is asymptomatic and caught the virus from a close contact, who also showed no symptoms. RELATED: China’s coronavirus… Read More »