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Academy of Science investigates COVID-19

Academy of Science investigates COVID-19 Academy of Science exclusive: Five important questions about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine, the risks and benefits. Bounce expands business model following wellbeing shift 1:22 Intuitive eating: The non-diet that lets you eat anything you want 1:33 Cianna meets team who saved her life 0:15 OnlyFans model suffers heart attack mid-striptease… Read More »

Covid-19 breach during patient transfer

West Australian health authorities have discovered a breach in Covid-19 protocols during the transfer of an infected crew member from a ship, forcing one person into quarantine and exposing more than 50 others as casual contacts. A staff member was potentially exposed to the virus after entering a lift that the infected crew member, from… Read More »

Fazal-e-Khuda, a lyricist who inspired freedom fighters, dies from COVID-19

Fazal-e-Khuda was 80 and had suffered from diabetes and kidney ailments for a long time. He breathed his last at 4 am on Sunday at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, said his son Sajeeb Onasis. In 1963, Fazal-e-Khuda began his career as a listed lyricist with the national broadcaster Bangladesh Betar and retired as a… Read More »

Why We Need to Discuss the COVID-19 Vaccine with Women of Childbearing Age

When we meet with women for perinatal psychiatry consultations, we now ask about vaccinations.  It’s not something we typically do, but after the last year, we are now getting involved in their decisions regarding vaccination against COVID-19.  Just as we counsel women to avoid alcohol and to consistently take their prenatal vitamins, providing information on… Read More »

Preclinical study suggests new approach to reduce COVID-19 death among the elderly

New research from the University of Minnesota Medical School and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic reveals a possible new approach to preventing death and severe disease in elderly people infected with SARS-CoV-2. The researchers demonstrated in a preclinical study that senolytic drugs significantly reduced mortality upon infection from a beta-coronavirus closely related to SARS-CoV-2 in… Read More »