Research may predict outcomes for newborns with rare disease

Up until now, scientists have understood that there are two main subtypes of the disease- known as diffuse and focal. Diffuse CHI affects the entire pancreas, whilst focal CHI affects just one area of the organ, forming a focal lesion. The team from Manchester now understand that focal CHI can be further categorised into two types- spreading focal lesions and isolated… Read More »

Why does sex hurt? Dyspareunia explained

Why does sex hurt? One question Doctor Larisa Corda gets asked a lot. In fact, up to 30% of women can be affected by pain during sex. This is also known as ‘dyspareunia’ and it’s far more common than you think – let’s find out why [embedded content] Women can experience pain during or after… Read More »

No unity in reducing obesity: experts

Health experts have called for a unified approach to tackling obesity as areas of Australia lag behind in fighting the issue. Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia all had a concerning rise last year in adults who were overweight. More than 70 per cent of Tasmanians, including 76.7 per cent of men in the state, were… Read More »

Hospitals with breaches spend more on ads to mitigate damage

Hospitals that have experienced a data breach often boost their advertising budget as part of the effort to regain the trust of patients. The increased costs of marketing is often tied to efforts to keep patients from going to other provider organizations, according to recent published research. Sung Choi, an assistant professor of health administration… Read More »