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This Personalized Nutrition System Calculates Your Body’s Real Biological Age

Sponsored You’ve heard the saying, “age is nothing but a number”. Sometimes it refers to a person’s youthful exuberance. Other times it can justify how, when, or if someone can partake in an activity, accomplish a goal, or do something they’ve always dreamed of. The truth is that the number of birthdays you have celebrated… Read More »

‘He was like a zombie’

Glen Hardwick had been living in a Victorian group home but when he arrived at a Christmas gathering in 2017 looking “like a zombie” his sister knew something was wrong. “There was no conversation from him and he was constantly just staring into space,” Rose Atherton said in her statement to the Disability Royal Commission.… Read More »

Fast, inexpensive test for malaria drills down to specifics

“This field-ready SHERLOCK diagnostic malaria assay surpasses the sensitivity and specificity requirements set by the WHO for a desired test that can be used to detect low parasite density in asymptomatic carriers of all major Plasmodium species,” said Collins. “Its highly streamlined design could provide a viable solution to the present diagnostic bottleneck on the… Read More »

Gucci is selling denim overalls with grass ‘stain effect’ for $1,400

These overalls are a haute mess. Luxury brand Gucci is selling strategically stained denim overalls for a whopping $ 1,400 — perfect for poseurs who want to look rugged but are really just rich. “This denim overall is crafted from organic cotton and specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect,” reads the description of the… Read More »