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Diet vodka drinks low sugar

My 13 year old BMW is falling apart. I got in it this morning and it was low on gas, the check engine light was lit up, and some other light came on that looked like a battery with a squiggly line in it. Which means before I get in it I have to open… Read More »

Are potatoes chips ok for diet

Diet fat is almost never a downside when it comes to chips. Vacuum-fried foods potatoes not use any oil, so this method may reduce the fat content of chips; microwaved chips for starting to become popular diet may even chips sold as fortified foods in the near future. Especially if you happen to eat a… Read More »

Micros for diabetic diet

Home Recent Discussions Search. I have looked all over for a simple way to get my friend who was just diagnosed with diabetes. He is really trying to get the weight off and but doesnt know how to do all of the calorie counting and that jazz. Is there any way someone could break it… Read More »