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Our shop has been operating since 2010. Why did we decide to sell glassware in particular?
The popularity of glassware is primarily due to its pleasant appearance, huge selection, perfect health safety and resistance to high temperatures and cleaning agents. Glass products are dishwasher safe and thanks to their variety can accompany all your meals - both daily and festive. The range of glassware allows you to use these products for both home and professional serving, including in bars, cafes and restaurants.
Great attention is paid to details. We strive to make each product please you and give you aesthetic pleasure, and the cooking process turns into a holiday. The best manufacturers will allow you to touch haute cuisine and surprise your guests with exquisite servings. We value every client, and we always strive to help, providing only high-quality service. An individual approach, competent consultation of specialists, fast execution of orders and the best service are the basis of our approach to work. They are also open to professionals who want to pick up high-quality and beautiful things for their establishment.

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