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How much money save quit smoking

For a complete overview of which states provide which services, consult the North American Quitline Consortium website. The overwhelming majority of such articles are written, in part or in whole, by nonprofessionals. Remember, this is the average amount, taking into account the totals from all fifty states. This rate climbs even higher when the amount… Read More »

Know Your Girls: Breast cancer survivor diagnosed at 16 shares her story to help Black women save their own lives

Know Your Girls is committed to educating Black women about breast cancer. As part of their campaign to educate and inform Black women about their cancer risks, they connected TheGrio with Nikia Hammonds-Blakely, a survivor who was diagnosed at 16 years old. “I was in the shower one morning getting ready for school and I felt the… Read More »

Public option, increased premium credits could save $12B

Dive Brief: Introducing a public option in the nongroup market and broadening eligibility for Affordable Care Act marketplace premium tax credits could save the federal government $ 12 billion in 2020 and cover an additional 1.2 million people, according to a recent report from the Urban Institute. The public option (or, alternatively, capping provider payment… Read More »