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Chest pain and leg pain: Are they connected?

Leg pain and chest pain do not typically occur together. However, there is a connection between leg pain and heart health, so a person may experience both of these symptoms at the same time. If a person is experiencing chest pain, they should seek medical attention immediately as it may indicate a heart attack. In… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation study shows changes in neural responses to pain and fear

Participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to alter how the brain processes fear memories. In a study that will appear in the Nov. 1 issue of Biological Psychiatry, a team led by researchers at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) report that mindfulness meditation appears to help extinguish fearful associations. A common way to… Read More »

Muscles in pain after gym

Though it may be tempting to down a few pain — and then apply ice afterward to cool muscles down if they’re feeling uncomfortable. DOMS is often mistakenly believed to be caused by a build up of lactic acid, there’s not much evidence that warming up will be effective in preventing DOMS. We turned to… Read More »

Zen joint and muscle pain relief tablets

The range of products have been created based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practice which is informed by modern medicine but built on the foundation of more than 2500 years. Zen Joint and Muscle Pain Relief zen joint and muscle pain relief tablets relieve pain from arthritis, rheumatism and minor sports injuries.… Read More »