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ACOs taking on risk performed better in Medicare program last year

Dive Brief: Accountable Care Organizations in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) generated nearly $ 740 million in savings last year, according to data recently released by CMS. ACOs that took on downside risk performed better, reducing spending by an average of $ 96 per beneficiary compared to $ 68 for those that did not… Read More »

How long will keto flu last

If you’re feeling down – causes One of the how long will keto flu last common causes of constipation is not eating enough fiber. If you struggle to get enough sleep at night, that then leaves you craving carbs and feeling weak. Takeaway: Carb withdrawal can worsen keto flu symptoms, but sometimes adding in more… Read More »

Why do migraines last for 3 days

Rebound headache If you’ve been taking a lot of over-the-counter medications to relieve headache pain, you may experience another kind of low-grade headache every time the medication wears off. Though it’s rare, a severe headache can indicate a life-threatening emergency, such as an infection, or why do migraines last for 3 days in or around the… Read More »

Can migraine aura last for days

Depressants together cause bad reaction? Insist on getting “a second opinion”, some of which may not be possible to you. Im in scotland and dont no what to do now, i didnt even no there was such a place! Migraine Nurses in your area — almost get sharper and clearer sometimes a full a day… Read More »