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Q&A: ONC chief Don Rucker on bringing the app economy into healthcare

The Office of the National Coordinator is the country’s health information technology regulator, and, under Donald Rucker’s leadership, has set off some waves. ONC kicked off a nationwide push towards unfettered electronic data sharing with a proposed rule in February that would penalize healthcare companies for siloing data and give patients free electronic access to… Read More »

Sen. Grassley: Telehealth is way to keep healthcare in rural America

With rural hospitals facing financial pressures and many forced to close, telehealth can help solve some of the challenges confronting rural communities in maintaining access to care. That’s the contention of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who spoke on Tuesday at a Bipartisan Policy Center event in Des Moines on… Read More »

A quiet healthcare crisis in dentistry – Washington Examiner

Few things are more concerning than kids without access to quality medical care. That’s especially true when the kids in question have special needs. Yet at this very moment, tens of thousands of special-needs kids struggle to find basic dental care. It’s a quiet crisis in American healthcare. Private organizations are starting to realize this… Read More »