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Surprise billing, drug prices left to 2020

Legislation on surprise billing and lowering drug prices – two key bipartisan issues in 2019 – were not included in the $ 1.37 trillion year-end spending package, which could push these issues into the 2020  election year. The healthcare package permanently repealed the 40% tax on Cadillac plans, the health insurance tax and the 2.3%… Read More »

Omnicare and parent company CVS Health accused of prescription drug fraud

A lawsuit has been filed against Omnicare and parent company CVS Health alleging prescription drug fraud in the dispensing of drugs to senior citizens in assisted living and other facilities. The Department of Health and Human Services – Office of the Inspector General filed the civil healthcare fraud lawsuit on December 17. CVS acquired Omnicare… Read More »

Three drug bills attempt to cap costs

The House has passed a bill to lower the price of prescription medications by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies, but the bill is expected to get nowhere in the Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019 passed by a vote of 230-192 Thursday, largely along party lines.… Read More »