An Official Timeline of Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid‘s Relationship

By | September 11, 2019

Fact: The poor traumatized rejects of Bachelor Nation typically date in their own circle after being discarded from the polyamorous love shack that is The Bachelorette. Some of them go on Bachelor in Paradise. Some of them connect with a lost soul from The Bachelor. And some of them just weep softly into a rosebush. But not Tyler Cameron. In a move truly no one could have anticipated, Tyler managed to bridge the gap between reality stardom and being actually relevant (shade, sorry) by dating none other than Gigi Hadid.

When the news first broke, you probably assumed it was just a hookup—how could Tyler, a Bachelorette contestant, date Gigi Hadid, a supermodel?! WHAT IS LIFE. But in case you hadn’t noticed, we live in a country where reality stars can become president, so like…aim high, Tyler! Anyway, since Tigi seem to be a bona fide thing now, let’s get deep in the timeline weeds of their relationship because it’s—and I can’t stress this enough—messy.



Sometime in May 2019

Hannah Brown films The Bachelorette’s season finale and breaks up with Tyler. Because Chris Harrison lives for drama, this breakup goes down in full formal wear in front of an altar. Yikes.



July 22, 2019

Gigi and Tyler start following each other on Instagram:

And obviously everyone is just all:



July 30, 2019

Tyler and Hannah reunite face-to-face on After the Final Rose, and she asks him to get drinks. Gigi who?

August 1, 2019

Tyler goes on a lunch date with an influencer named Violet Benson. Basically, this is him:



Also August 1, 2019

Flash-forward a few hours, and Tyler and Hannah go on a date. Oh, and he’s SPOTTED LEAVING HER HOUSE THE MORNING AFTER.



Meanwhile, Violet Benson is just all:

I felt like he was dishonest with me. I felt weirded out because I didn’t want [him] if they have a thing—because my whole brand is so pro-women—I wanted them then to be able to explore it without me in any type of mix. I didn’t want to be in that situation. So I was like, “I saw you in the tabloids with Hannah, and that makes me really uncomfortable. I don’t feel like you were honest, so I’m just going to go ahead remove myself from that situation. I don’t want to be involved in this.”

August 4, 2019

Tyler flies to New York after his date with Hannah and goes out with Gigi Hadid. So many dates in one week, Ty!!! Fans spot the pair at Soho House, and yes, receipts are posted.

August 5, 2019

Gigi and Tyler go on a second date at a bowling alley, and a source tells Entertainment Tonight that they “were very flirty and kept laughing” and “were constantly talking and romantically touching one another and just having fun.”


Hannah’s reaction? She tells Entertainment Tonight, “I have feelings, but I’m also single and he’s single and I wanna keep my options open and he can keep his options open.”

August 14, 2019

Gigi and Tyler are once again spotted leaving her NYC apartment:



And then they go on yet another date together, this time to Justin Theroux’s bar Le Turtle.

August 16, 2019

Things start to get more serious between Tyler and Gigi, at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from…the fact that they were seen vacationing together in Lake George. And when I say “vacationing together,” I mean somberly sitting at a Starbucks.

Meanwhile, a source tells E! it’s been “the best couple of weeks of [Tyler’s] life.”

August 21, 2019

Gigi takes Tyler out to La Esquina in New York City with her close friend Serena Williams, to which I say, How are we living in a world where a Bachelor contestant is hanging with Serena?!?!?!


Getty Images


Getty Images

August 26, 2019

Gigi Hadid and her model sis Bella Hadid walk the MTV VMAs red carpet together, sans other dates, but Tyler isn’t too far away.

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Jim SpellmanGetty Images

While he doesn’t attend the show with them, he does meet up with Gigi and Taylor Swift at the after-party, which is very casual.

They spend the night hanging out at the Fleur Room in New York City, and it’s all hugs and kisses. “Taylor greeted him with a big hug. Tyler and Gigi shared a kiss,” a source told E! News.

September 5, 2019

We still don’t know if Tyler has met Gigi’s mom Yolanda yet, but it seems like he and Bella are well-acquainted! Well, acquainted enough for Bella to follow him on Instagram, at least.

September 8, 2019

Jed Wyatt (aka Hannah Brown’s other ex) speaks out about the Gigi/Tyler/Hannah love triangle, which is unexpected, TBH.

“I had heard about it. Ultimately, I want everyone to be happy, whatever that means…I will continue to support [them] though I haven’t paid too much attention to it. If everyone’s happy, then that’s what’s good,” he tells People.

And the award for vaguest vouch of support goes to…

September 9, 2019

Gigi and Tyler just walked a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) show red carpet, but they were frustratingly strategically spaced out.

They hit the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger show during NYFW on Sunday, and Gigi walked with Bella while Tyler went solo.

TOMMYNOW September 2019 Runway Show

John FredricksonGetty Images

TOMMYNOW September 2019 Runway Show

John FredricksonGetty Images

September 11, 2019

A new report comes out that Tyler and Gigi are pretty much still in the early stages of dating. I mean, it kinda doesn’t feel like it but…okay! According to a People source, Tyler and Gigi are “still just getting to know each other and [having] fun.” The source also says that “They don’t want that pressure to push them further than where they are.” How interesting, right?

In addition to that ~juicy~ information, the source says, “The media attention has been hard on Tyler and Gigi….They’re trying to navigate it right now because they know how the press can pick apart every date they have and turn it into something bigger.” It makes sense, considering that the paps literally follow them everywhere they go.

To downplay where they stand with one another, Tyler and Gigi are being “purposefully coy” about their relationship status. So that explains why they’re never really seen together!! Secrecy aside, Tyler and Gigi’s little rendezvous do hold weight in their eyes. “Their dates are definitely real and [Tyler is] having a good time,” the source adds.

Annnd that’s it for now. But obviously, this timeline will be updated with developments. Until then, I think we can all agree Zayn’s silence is deafening.

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